Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby #2 3D ultrasound

March 2011

Well we had another busy but successful month. We are officially in the third trimester with baby #2 and things are still looking good. Trey had a busy month too. He has learned how to sit and is very good at it. He can get up on all fours but just rocks he hasn't crawled yet but he'll get there when he is ready he is also showing intested in working toward pulling up on things. We are working on using a sippy cup but he still prefers a bottle especially if you will hold it for him. He had an eye appt today and his right eye still wanders so he going to have to wear a patch on the good eye for an hour each day to stregnthen the weak eye.

During March his Memo and Auntie Carrie to him to the Houston Livestock show aand rodeo. He enjoyed seeing and petting all the animals there.

March 2011

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello Again, Happy 2011

I know it has been quite a while since we updated the blog. Anyways Trey had a wonderful first Christmas. In January we took him to his first A&M basketball game which he enjoyed although the buzzer did not make for a very good nap. In February we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday. All the pictures from the last three months are on our Shutterfly website. In January and February I completed another 3 hours toward my masters. I start my final three hours tomorrow and hope to finish before the new baby arrives. Vince has been very busy at work and has been working lots of overtime, he also has an overnight trip this week.

For the most part this pregnancy is going well. I have been feeling much better than I did last time. My blood pressure has stayed in normal range too and no signs of pre-eclampsia redeveloping which is great news. We had high hopes this would be a normal pregnancy, however in late February they started monitoring me closely as I was showing warning signs of pre-term labor. I was put on bedrest, so we decided it was best to find and hire a nanny to care for Trey and help keep me off my feet. My mom, sister and some of the extended family have also been very helpful during this time. The nanny has been with us a week and is working out well. This week Trey has also mastered sitting on his own. He is very inquisitive once he is crawling and walking he will be into everything. We are counting down the days till we make full term which will be Memorial Day weekend. We have 84 more days to go. We are really hoping to make to our planned delivery date of June 10th, which was also my Meme and Popo's birthday. Anyways hopefully this next semester will be a little easier and I can update more often.

The Houston Rodeo is going on and I am hoping my mom will take Trey so he can see all the animals, so that should be our next update.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis the season to be very busy

Well it has been a while since our last update. We are all doing well. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Trey has started eating solid foods and is loving it. He had sweet potatoes for his first Thanksgiving dinner.

We took Trey to San Antonio for our first family vacation in early December. He did great on the trip. We were hoping to show him the riverwalk all lit up for Christmas but he slept through it. He did enjoy watching the German dancers at the German Christmas village with his Uncle John and Aunt Becca. He also got to meet his Great Aunt Susie, and cousins Donna, Luke and Kate on the trip.

We took Trey to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop and he decorated cookies with his Great Papa (a family tradition). We are just busy getting ready to celebrate Trey's first Christmas.

On another note we are happy to announce that Trey will be a big brother in June 2011.

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year. We posted Trey's latested pictures on our shutterfly webpage.